Trade fair stands “Made in Germany”

> 90 % production depth for 110 % performance


Joinery, painting facilities and much more

We make all components of your trade fair stand ourselves.

We implement as little outsourcing as possible. Because our production is wide, we are able to address your requirements in a particularly efficient and flexible way.

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Production space

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Storage space

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Board materials in stock


  • Around 3,000 m² of production space: For example, for any kind of wood processing
  • Large production capacities: For the timely completion of your trade fair appearance
  • Highly qualified workers: Ensure that both your brand staging and the implementation of individual trade fair stands is carried out accurately and in detail
  • Constant quality: We continue to educate our employees to ensure we maintain our high standards.
  • Ongoing climate-neutral production: Sustainable economics is an obligation to our environment and to subsequent generations. We are happy to take on this too.


More than 1,000 m² of board materials in stock in order to be able to respond flexibly to short-notice changes.[/text_output]


Automated board warehouse

For perfect cuts and fault-free working processes, with a fully-automated board supply to the processing machinery. The computer-controlled material recording, conveyance and organisation procedures are important components in the implementation of individual constructions.[/text_output]


CNC centre

For millimetre-accurate, individually-shaped milling and optimum quality control. Even complex work is carried out precisely whilst saving time and costs.


Tailored digital cutting

Even the smallest of cutting tasks is carried out with extreme precision using the most modern of technologies.


Edge processing centre

For versatile processing options on wood edges, with the highest of qualities. Individual tasks may be fully-automated and extensive follow-up work is not necessary. A valuable contribution to qualitative work optimisation!


Painting cabins

All components are painted by us, precisely and in accordance with specifications. Good for the image and good for the price-performance ratio! Further, we also pay attention to sustainability when painting. A separate curing chamber with modern heat recovery system ensures a positive ecological balance and a minimum of energy waste.



A comprehensive stock of current profiles in steel and aluminium ensures constant flexibility and dynamics in production.[/text_output]


Electrical department

Extensive warehousing capacities, made up of 60 kilometres of pre-fabricated cables and around 2,000 spotlights plus LED technology, contribute towards ensuring constant availability of all electrical components.[/text_output]


Rental furniture

A large rental pool made up of more than 500 bar stools, 2,000 seating options, 500 tables and more than 200 bars. Own furniture – no third-party involvement


High rack warehouse

The company’s 6,500 m² logistics centre provides our customers with an expansion of their storage capacities, at attractive conditions. The advantages of the high rack warehouse include the optimum utilisation of space and the accelerated search processes implemented with automated handling equipment.


Design department

Modern CAD and graphics programs ensure accurate details and an extremely realistic visualisation of every project on the computer.