„Anything against nature will not abide for any length of time“

Charles Darwin

We have been awarded the title Sustainable Company


Sustainable Company powered by FAMAB Because sustainable environmental protection is a key consideration for future generations. And as constructors, we are aware of our responsibility. Based on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria, our business processes have been tested for sustainability and also certified. Economy, ecology and social responsibility are the pillars of sustainability. What is good for the environment, is good for the success of the company, and also good for you.

As a Sustainable Company we are obliged to ensure

  • that our business processes are environmentally friendly,
  • that natural resources are treated economically,
  • that a high level of energy efficiency is achieved,
  • that all economically and socially acceptable opportunities are employed,
  • that we keep the effects that our business has on the environment as low as possible.

The codex of sustainability also includes

  • sustainable action with regard to the environment and for subsequent generations,
  • maintenance of long-term customer relationships if possible,
  • honesty to one another and our business partners,
  • fair treatment of our employees.

„Plan for the future because that’s where you are
going to spend the rest of your life.“

Mark Twain

Our actions

Heating conversion: Increased energy efficiency, fewer emissions

We have been operating a woodchip heating system since 2010. The production waste produced on a daily basis is employed in a combustion chamber to heat water for heating. The heating circuit extends throughout the entire premises. Alongside the energy savings, emission figures have been reduced to considerably below the applicable EU thresholds. Our high rack warehouse has an extremely efficient underfloor heating system. The 35 cm thick floor panel acts as a radiator which uses the feed temperature of 21 °C particularly efficiently and provides the employees with a pleasant room climate.

Modern fleet: Less CO2

Our large fleet of cars and trucks all have Euro 4 or Euro 5 status and thus meet current EU standards. At the moment, we are planning the acquisition of new vehicles with Euro 6 status or with alternative methods of propulsion.

Close to suppliers: Less CO2, more information

If possible, we prefer to work with suppliers from the region which keeps delivery routes and times short. Further, we implement an active exchange of information. As soon as product alternatives with lower emission values are available, we prefer to make use of them.