Take a trip through time

Our origins in detail.
The history of successful trade fair construction.


The apprenticeship contract

The foundation of the company is laid. Heinrich Fruhen signs his apprenticeship contract as a joiner. The document is now more than 100 years old and still owned by the family. We are pleased and proud to look back on a long line of traditions.


The registration of the business

Heinrich Fruhen becomes a businessman and registers a joinery in the town of Viersen. This company later becomes Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co. KG. The original company building in Hoserkirchweg in Viersen still exists even today.



Those who work hard, get to enjoy their leisure time. “Cheers and good hunting” in 1928.


Model drawing

A dining room design from Anton Fruhen, dated 1949. After the war, the talents of a joiner are in high demand. And Fruhen have their hands full.


Global company orientation

Even as early as 1954, Fruhen is a pioneer when it comes to international orientation. In this way, the company is key in the construction of the German Pavilion at the International Trade Fair n Damaacus.


Pavilion for German Industries, the same year in Egypt, with construction work by Fruhen.


Diplomatic relations need to be restored in the years after the war. A Mercedes-Benz in Damascus, an automotive brand regains its popularity. Fruhen ensures the appropriate environment for presentation.


A trade fair stand of the era: Exhibits are shown in glass cabinets.


International awards

Award-winning work! A collection of medals from 1960 to 1965. Among other things, our participation in the German Industrial Exhibition in Teheran (1960) is honoured.


Crossing the equator

Until this point in time, long-haul flights are not an everyday occurrence. Every traveller receives a certificate when they cross the equator. As did Anton Fruhen on 11.09.1962.


Plane ticket

A plane ticket from 1965, issued by the German airline Lufthansa and, at the time, still filled out by hand. Passenger: Mr. Fruhen, Anton.


Fruhen expands capacities

The company, under the leadership of Heinz and Anton Fruhen, moves to the new building at our current company headquarters in Gerberstrasse 37 in 41748 Viersen. The old company headquarters has become too small.


Trade fairs in the seventies

The first technical exhibition of the Federal Republic of Germany The company, called Gebrüder Fruhen OHG Messe- und Innenausbau at the time, is key in the success of the venture.


The architect’s impression of a booth in 1975.


And this is what the booth looked like in reality. Wood trade fair in Ried, Austria in 1975.


The next generation

The company is passed on to the third generation. The new CEO is Bernd Fruhen. Over time, the company Gebrüder Fruhen OHG Messe- und Innenausbau becomes the Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co. KG that it is today.


International Trade Fair in Cairo

International Trade Fair in Cairo in 1988: Fruhen is part of proceedings and highly involved in the pavilion for the Federal Republic of Germany.


International Trade Fair in Poland

International Trade Fair in Poland in 1989: Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co.KG builds the pavilion for the Federal Republic of Germany.


Construction exhibition in the Soviet Union

The first German construction exhibition in the Soviet Union held in 1990.


Increasing capacities

Capacities at Gerberstrasse 37 need to be increases, and Fruhen purchases a neighbouring complex of buildings in addition to the existing premises.


Another period of growth

The capacity limits of the premises at Gerberstrasse 37 have been reached. A new warehouse is built and completed in 2003. The hall is fitted with the most modern of warehousing technology including high rack and lifting technology.


Expansion of storage facilities

Rapid growth demands a quick response to growing demand. Five years after construction, the storage facilities must be expanded by around 1,500 m² to make the 6,500 m² total area available today.



Sustainability has always been important. In 2010, the heating system is converted. A modern woodchip heating system with its own supply silo replaces the old hot water heating plant. Since then, all production waste has been used to heat the company premises.


Fruhen Messebau in full