The pitch etiquette

Our shared basis for a respectful cooperation

  • Before we start work, we would like to get to know you in person. We extend a warm welcome to you to enable you to get a real impression of us and the opportunities we provide.
  • Are we part of a small, curated group? Or are there more than three competitors? We would like to know.

  • Our design is best presented in person. Ideally we would like to be able to present it to the decision-makers in your company.
  • What are your decision-making criteria? Quality details or price alone? Our experience, the location, the chemistry? Please let us know!

  • If you wish to change your current trade fair constructor, we will ask for the reasons. We want to know what is vitally important to you. So that we can do just that but even better.
  • A sincere design requires the appropriate amount of time, usually three weeks after briefing. Particularly extensive projects will also require more time. Please ensure that we have the time we need, in order to make sure that you receive a really good design that meets your needs.
  • Who are your decision-makers? The board, purchasing, or …? We ask you to supply this information in advance
  • What is your budget? Maybe you want to know the maximum we are able to offer given your financial framework. The only way to do this is to provide specific figures.

You would like an individual consultation? Please contact us!