20 years of service – another institution in (Fruhen) booth construction

There is something to celebrate again: our long-serving master technician Josef Christ is celebrating 20 years of service!

On a snowy Monday morning back in January 1997, Josef Christ began his first day at work at Schneeschippen bei Fruhen Messebau7am. He entered the premises and came across somebody he presumed to be a Fruhen employee, who was busy clearing snow from the entrance in the Gerberstraße 37. “I’m trying to get to Fruhen. Am I in the right place?” asked Josef and only then did he realise that it was actually Bernd Fruhen himself who was busy shovelling snow. “Yes, of course! Good morning Josef. All the best for your first day!”


That helped lay the foundations. Ever since that day Josef and Fruhen Josef Christ mit KollegenMessebau belong together. The company was still relatively small at that point. “Back then we only had a small team and could only work on individual projects at one time. No comparison to what we do today!” Josef explained enthusiastically. After only a short time, the company could not imagine life without him. Josef was promoted to master technician only three years after he started and has been responsible for the smooth production flow ever since. Today he always knows what is important. However stressful, however long the days are – you can always count on Josef! He also always has time for the needs of our employees and manages to keep an overview of everything. A true institution within (Fruhen) trade fair construction.

“We are proud to have employees like Josef in our ranks!” that is how Bernd Fruhen sums it up. We could not agree more! 20 years of service at Fruhen Messebau – not uncommon amongst our employees. A number of our colleagues have been with us for 10 years or more and this is what helps make the company successful. Our employees are the most important asset and also make up the framework of the company at the same time.

Urkundenverleihung Josef Christ

Josef is a really great, friendly and kind-hearted colleague. We are happy that we have been able to count on him as a master technician in the past 20 years and hope that we can continue to do so in the future!

Congratulations on your 20 years of service and long may our cooperation at Fruhen Messebau continue!