Fruhen Messebau wins valuable energy with a UNTHA shredder

The company Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co. KG from Viersen was founded in 1926 as a joinery. As of the start of the sixties, Fruhen has been active in both national and international trade fair construction. A team of around 50 permanently employed specialists and 40 freelance employees handle trade fair and store construction projects through to large-scale system superstructures for a variety of event organisers.

In the course of the replacement of the existing oil heating system from the sixties, we decided to switch over to woodchip heating due to the sustainable orientation of the company.

This allows us to save the costs of disposing of the chipboard and MDF waste generated during our production work and also saves the costs of around 50,000 litres of heating oil per year.


A shredder from the company UNTHA shredding technology was chosen as a suitable solution for the shredding of the chipboard waste generated by the facility. A single shaft unit of type LR1400 with a 30 kW drive performance and a filling opening of 1400 mm x 1050 mm now ensures the reliable shredding of the generated material.

The machine is filled using a forklift which tips the material into a steel funnel in the building. The shredded material is transported via extraction with a cyclone separator into a 350 m3 silo.

The annual output of the machine is around 600-700 m3.

This high level of reliability and high performance particularly characterise the LR1400 wood shredder. The replaceable blades and blade holders means that quick and easy replacement is ensured in the event of damages. The innovative geometry of the blades enables a “pulling cut” and thus efficient shredding, even of damp wood. The blades are form-fitted to the holders with a snug fit. The simultaneous and two-sided drawing of the pusher by way of two hydraulic cylinders prevents the pusher from tipping. This increases availability and thus the productivity of the shredder.

Due to the use of a main and subsidiary cutting bar, the already cut materials is pushed along these and thus prevents the rotating of material about the rotor. Thanks to the UNTHA cutting system, which has been tried and tested thousands of times, the throughput can be increased considerably and a homogeneous result is achieved. These factors increase the productivity of the shredder.

The homogeneous end result produced by the wood shredder is ideal for the production of wood briquettes and for heat generation.

Like at Fruhen, where the entire company production facilities are supplied with heat.

“The energy efficient shredder from UNTHA is an important component in creating a climate-neutral production for our trade fair stands”, says Mr Braun, authorised officer of Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co. KG

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UNTHA shredding technology

UNTHA shredding technology develops and produces innovative and extremely reliable shredding solutions for a variety of different applications. These range from the shredding of wood for thermal recycling through to the conversion of waste into secondary fuels. The company was founded in 1970 by Anton Unterwurzacher and its headquarters are located in Kuchl near Salzburg. UNTHA shredding technology employs more than 100 qualified members of staff and has a worldwide sales network with partners in more than 40 countries.