Bachelor 2017 – Max Gotzen completed his studies with Fruhen

Max Gotzen schließt mit Fruhen Messebau sein Studium ab

Bachelor of Business Administration International Marketing

The B2B industry is going to be confronted with more and more challenges in the future. It is expected that a product, service or special information can be tailored to the individual needs and be consumable. At any time, in any place. The internet has created a space for dialogue between consumers and companies.

Das Internet wird täglich genutzt

Source: Target group survey. Number of participians: 50

It is important to use this potential. We are on the look out for useful and acceptable sources and content on the internet. Max Gotzen completed an internship with us from September 2016 until February 2017 and wrote his Bachelor thesis on an online marketing topic to help us ensure our further development in this area.   Starting with an extensive competition analysis, market analysis and a SWOT analysis, a target group survey was carried out to discover which online marketing channels are used by our clients. Based on these results, Max developed a catalogue of measures with an accompanying time plan describing how and when each of the chosen online marketing channels should be activated.

Relevanz des Internet für ein Messebauunternehmen

Source: Target group survey. Number of participians: 50

To summarise his scientific project, he answered the following two questions:

  1. Which online channels should Fruhen Messebau GmbH & Co. KG choose to reach the chosen target group?
  2. How should the company communicate on each of the chosen channels to best grab the attention of the target group and also increase awareness at the same time?

The particular challenge for the future is how to connect all the chosen channels together and also take the communication specific to each target group into consideration. Our primary aim is to be more present on the internet to help increase our awareness in the long-term. A clear aim for us and a clear definition of the project for our intern, which he was able to solve outstandingly. Within six months he was able to formulate a detailed online communication concept and was thus able to complete his degree in the subject International Marketing in February 2017.

One particularly interesting finding was that in this digital day and age, with the ever increasing online communication, it is still important not to neglect the offline channels. Trade fairs, trade publications and personal contact at networking events help create higher levels of awareness, because the old saying still holds true: business is conducted by people!

We are proud and very pleased that Max Gotzen was able to complete his studies with Fruhen Messebau. We are thankful for the outstanding cooperation and wish him all the best for the future!