Fruhen-trainees pass exam to become a carpenter!

In 2019, again, all our trainees successfully passed their journeyman’s examination and were subsequently accepted by us into a permanent employment relationship.

And that all three were able to achieve excellent results, makes us particularly proud and happy.

With his unusual design of a desk, our apprentice Moritz Jansen received a commendation in the competition for “The good form”. For his desk, Moritz has developed all the design ideas himself and then implemented them in high quality craftsmanship.

Our second trainee Laba Ndiaye also achieved a very good degree, which makes us particularly proud, since he came to Germany in 2015 as part of the migration wave as an unaccompanied youth and had to work his way through the German language. With the support of his German godparent family and a lot of initiative, he was able to master all these difficult obstacles successfully.

Our third trainee Felix Steinbergs even passed the journeyman’s examination as best of class. And all after only a two-year apprenticeship, which was possible because Felix had previously acquired his master of event technology.

We cordially congratulate all three and look forward to our new journeymen and, of course, to the new apprentice, which started in August this year.

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