Practical project with the EMBA Media Academy | Fruhen

EMBA Praxisprojekt mit Fruhen Messebau

Fruhen Messebau – Practical project with the EMBA-Düsseldorf

Fruhen hosted around 20 students in December 2016.Briefing für das Praxisprojekt | Fruhen

The dedicated students came to visit us in Viersen with one question on their minds “How is the theory put into practice?” and they were amazed by the diversity within a trade fair construction company.

The day kicked off at 9.30: “Everybody has been to a trade fair but only very few people really know all the work that goes into it!” These are the words that our Head of Sales Claus Jansweid began the day with. The intrigued students were surprised about how much is required for a trade fair stand, “The client can get everything from us, from the untreated wooden board to the complete fair stand. With our own joinery, electric, painting and locksmith departments as well as logistic centre, we offer a 360° full service.”

The soon-to-be graduates were able to learn about the complete construction process required for a fair stand on their detailed tour of the company.

Betriebsführung: Station 1 Schreinerei.

Stop 1: The joinery
Where does it start? With the cutting. “Our fully-automatic plane saw increases the efficiency and simplifies the work because the joiner no longer has to the find the right wooden board by hand, thanks to this automated step. The machine takes care of that and cuts the board directly to the right size.” Following the cutting and the edge processing, the CNC takes place. Exact milling, accurate down to one hundredths of a millimetre, is possible thanks to such a precise milling machine and this creates a wide scope for design. The most state-of-the-art machines for the most individual demands. Aside from the automated steps, the individual pieces have to be glued together and assembled by hand. Both the most modern machines as well as classical handwork are required in the joinery department.

Stop 2: The painting department
The component parts are painted at our own spray booth to show with, for example, our clients’ company colours. Our factory premises are laid out in the form of an assembly line. The employees work hand in hand!

Stop 3: Metal processing
With the metal profiles that we have developed, we can offer our clients an interesting alternative to the standard rig and truss systems. We have developed a profile with our decades of experience in trade fair construction, which can cope with all design requests and static load bearing capacities.

Betriebsführung mit EMBA-Studenten | FruhenStop 4: The electrics department
This is where we store all the necessary electrical components needed in trade fair construction, such as cable harnesses, mains distribution boards, monitors, computer systems, event technology and lots more, all in different formats. A large warehouse stock that allows us to react quickly to client requests that can change suddenly.

Stop 5: The logistics centre
Around 12,500 m² provides enough space to store trade fair stands and a large stock of rented furniture. With around 2,500 pieces of furniture in stock on average, we offer our clients enough choices for the design of their individual fair stand.

Following the detailed introduction to the company and an almost two hour long tour of the factory, our employees were also interviewed. Questions such as “What do you like about your job in particular?” or “Would you still like to be doing this job in 20 years time?” were happily answered.


Interview der Fruhenmitarbeiter

In the module “The fundamentals of journalism” the EMBA students are learning about the different textual journalistic styles within corporate communication. As a practical example they have the chance to write an interview, a portrait and a report about our company.

We are looking forward to the results and are really pleased about the feedback we received from the students.

By bidding farewell to the students, this very interesting day, not only for the students but also for us, came to an end.