30 years part of Fruhen Messebau – Rainer Braun celebrates his service anniversary.

On October 5, 1987, Rainer Braun began his professional career at Fruhen Messebau. At the side of Managing Director Bernd Fruhen, who took over the company in the third generation in the same year, he has been shaping the image of the medium-sized trade fair construction company for 30 years.

In the west of the then still divided Germany Rainer Braun entered the grounds of Fruhen Messebau on October 5, 1987. But national borders were already then no barriers or barriers for the company Fruhe. At that time, the relatively small company with 12 employees built mainly joint stands for German companies at international trade fairs. In a time when many people only dreamed of freedom and boundlessness, Rainer Braun therefore built exhibition stands in Dubai, Iran, Iraq, or in the states of the Eastern bloc and in 1987 he flew so many kilometers that he would have orbited the earth twice can.

His linguistic skills and cosmopolitan nature made him a globetrotter, a person who does not understand cultural differences as limitations, but sees them as interesting challenges that he still likes to talk about today. So he speaks of experiences in poor Kiev but also curious and chaotic taxi rides in India. Collected documents and photos can only guess how exciting these times have been for him. For periods of several weeks, telex, telex, and a five-minute call every week were the only means of communication to tell loved ones in the home that they had arrived well or to share their experiences.

But with the passage of time and in the course of digitization, at the turn of the millennium, more and more solutions were found for the problems and obstacles at that time. Computers played an increasingly important role and soon became an integral part of private and professional life, including at Fruhen Messebau. Processes that were once analogous were increasingly digitized and gaining speed. At Fruhen Messebau, Rainer Braun took on the task of keeping the company up-to-date with the latest technology and initiating and implementing all the necessary IT processes.

It was precisely this loyalty, perseverance and constant diligence that ultimately led to him obtaining the power of attorney at Fruhen Messebau on 01.05.2000.

For 30 years Rainer Braun has been an employee of Fruhen Messebau with heart and mind, who ensures that the company, its employees and themselves grow with time and do not stand still. He is and will remain one of the most influential faces of Fruhen Messebau today. He is still fascinated by long-distance travel, especially in areas that he almost knows as his second home. Both longtime and young employees appreciate the advice and experience of Mr. Braun and are happy to have him as a colleague.

The entire Fruhen Messebau team wishes a happy 30-year service anniversary and looks forward to the coming years together!