Reconstruction measures during ongoing operations

Umbau Betrieb | Fruhen Messebau

Modifications, extensions and refurbishments.

July 2016


In addition to the current expansion of operations, a wide range of modifications, modernising measures and extensions are also taking place.

This is particularly challenging as it is happening at the same time as normal operations.
In order to not reduce operational activities, it is essential that we carry out these measures parallel to normal daily business. It is a very stressful time for all involved.

The additional land bought must be completely integrated into the existing site and the requirements of a trade fair construction business must be adhered to. The change of use will begin by combining of the two different pieces of land, then integrating the new high racks, and finally modernising the office space and the foyer.

Measure 1: Modernisation of the roofs


Energetische Einsparungen

To save energy some roofs will be modernised. As a sustainable company we have the responsibility to take measures to reduce our environmental impact, and will consequently, as a forerunner in the industry, send a clear message

Measure 2: Installation of new high racks

Neue Hochregale

Neue HochregaleNeue Hochregale

Neue Hochregale

To increase our warehouse capacity, the new halls are to be fitted with the latest high rack systems. Innovative warehouse logistics means space is used efficiently. This is the home and launch pad for the trade fair stands. Part of our full-service principle.

Measure 3: Modernisation of the office space and foyer


Modernisierung der Büroräume

Modernisierung der BüroräumeModernisierung der Büroräume

Modernisierung der BüroräumeModernisierung der Büroräume

600 m² needs to be modernised.  New floors, a new coat of paint, new equipment. The environment will be adapted to Fruhen Messebau’s requirements and brought up to date with the latest technology.

The foyer will be redesigned to offer visitors their first, deep insight into the company. The image films will play on a 60-inch monitor and milestones in Fruhen Messebau’s history will hang as certificates on the walls.  90 years of Fruhen means there is a lot which the company is proud of.

2016 is a year of change at Fruhen. We would like to continue to grow and at the same time continue to offer our customers the proven Fruhen principle: Full-service, and a one-stop service.

We are proud of our achievements and look positively towards the future!