There is something to celebrate!

In February there was reason to celebrate at Fruhen Messebau! Two employees celebrated their 20-year affiliation with the company.

For more than two decades, Alexander Döhmen and Heiner Christ have been supporting the dynamic development of our company and have acquired a wealth of experience during this time. Always loyal and in a good mood even in times of stress, they have helped countless trade fair appearances of our customers to success. Whether in production, logistics or assembly – Alexander and Heiner can always be relied on. Even among their colleagues, both are welcome.

After successfully completing his apprenticeship, Heiner joined us in the team of Fruhen Messebau 20 years ago. Even then, he was always flexible in meeting the changing demands of this industry. Whether wood or metal processing, acrylic glass or textiles, no material is too difficult for Heiner to handle it skillfully. Heiner has used his extensive experience, which he gained mainly through the many years of assembly work in the construction and dismantling of the exhibition stands, in our house in recent years, especially in production. Because here, a comprehensive understanding of the products and their further processing is essential. And if football is the “god of the flank,” then Heiner can certainly be described as “edge god” in our company. No plate material to which Heiner can not apply a corresponding perfect edge. He also supports colleagues and trainees where advice and experience are needed. Whether at work or at football matches with his colleagues, Heiner always has his goal in mind and pursues as a team player not only their own victory but the success of the team. This is also reflected in his work and loyalty to the company.

Our Alexander has also mastered the extensive craft portfolio of the trade fair construction over the many past years sovereign. Mainly working at fairs as a mechanic, he has already explored the whole of Europe by truck. So there is no exhibition space that he does not know and to which he could not tell a story. Regular customers and colleagues particularly appreciate his ability to keep track of things and to coordinate the organization of exhibition setup and dismantling. There is no problem that Alexander can not solve today. On the one hand, this is due to its industry-specific know-how and, on the other hand, to its above-average tool trolley, where everything from fitters, connectors and other tool utensils to microwave ovens and coffee makers can be found what fitters need on exhibition construction sites. In addition, his always good mood and the always casual saying on his lips are his trademarks, which have also helped him to great popularity with many of our regular customers. Not a few of them explicitly order “their Alex” for assembly, which makes us very happy and also reflects the family cohesion with each other and with our customers. Our Alex is thus the personified “home of trade fair construction”.

The entire team of Fruhen Messebau thanks Heiner and Alexander for the great support in the past years, congratulates and looks forward to more great, joint projects and satisfied customers!