The Fruhen-care

The Fruhen-care: A personal contact and many specialists behind the scenes. Concentrated work in all phases of the project.

1. Consultation

From the first day onwards, a personal project manager will be assigned to you. This manager is your contact throughout the entire duration of the project. You initially discuss your intended plans with your contact. The more detailed the briefing, the better we are able to advise you. The specification of your budget is a key factor.

2. Design

We start with a sketch of your project. This “scribble” gives you an initial impression of the design (e.g. stand divisions). A design concept is then created on the basis of your Corporate Identity. In talks with you, we adapt our results until you are happy with the design.

3. 3D rendering

In order to provide you with as realistic an impression as possible, we create a virtual version of your project on the computer. You can see your stand, your museum exhibition or event solution in three dimensions for the first time.

4. Budgeting

Once your project has been designed and the 3D renderings meet your expectations, then we calculate the implementation. You will receive a detailed offer from us.

5. The project itself

We draw your project up, in detail, on the computer. This drawing already contains all the data necessary for production. Further, we create material notes, make orders and plan the personnel requirements.

6. Production

Your project becomes reality. We make your trade fair stand, museum solution or store fitting elements in-house and with extreme precision. On a 3,000 m² production area with the most modern of machine parks, our specialists dedicate their talents to your projects, this covers all woodwork through to painting.

7. Assembly

We are nearing the finish straight. Your project is ready to dispatch. Now our logistics experts handle the timely transportation to the installation location. And there, wherever it may be in the world, our experienced specialists handle the set up.

8. Catering

We are happy to handle catering too. We will organise your catering throughout the event, in accordance with your tastes.

9. The event

To ensure that you are equipped for any eventuality, we provide a contact on call during the event itself. This ensures you obtain assistance quickly in the event of problems.

10. Dismantling

Immediately the event comes to an end, our team starts to dismantle the stand. The return of your exhibits, including transportation and the handling of customs, is as self-explanatory as the environmentally friendly disposal of construction elements that cannot be reused. Elements that may be reused are returned to our high rack warehouse.

11. Debriefing

We want to improve ourselves constantly, and we honestly wish to know whether you were happy with our services. For this reason, the dialogue with you is important, even after the event. The debriefing process is your opportunity to mention any and everything you noticed. This is important and enables us to ensure continuous quality and long-term cooperation with you. Both of these are important to us.